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UN submission on discrimination and violence against lesbians

On 1 August 2021 Listening2Lesbians provided submissions in response to the following from the Commission on the Status of Women:

“Any individual, non-governmental organization, group or network may submit communications (complaints/appeals/petitions) to the Commission on the Status of Women containing information relating to alleged violations of human rights that affect the status of women in any country in the world. The Commission on the Status of Women considers such communications as part of its annual programme of work in order to identify emerging trends and patterns of injustice and discriminatory practices against women for purposes of policy formulation and development of strategies for the promotion of gender equality.”

Commission on the Status of Women: Communication Procedure

Information was provided to the UN on incidents dating back approximately 2.5 years across the 57 countries we have reported on in that time.

Legal, social and familial punishment of lesbians for failing to conform with the expectations imposed on women illuminates the status of women around the world. Homosexuality is understood to be a breach of sex-based expectations. Strictly enforced sex roles are accompanied by increased consequences for those who break them, individually or collectively. Lesbians, or women read as lesbians, are doubly punishable for their non-conformity, both overt and inferred.

Listening2Lesbians is not an expert on these countries and provided this information to augment and support the information provided by women from individual communities. We can only provide information on cases we have been able to locate and based our submissions solely around the available facts. Please note that we welcome corrections and updates.

We are painfully aware of the many communities not represented.

Anyone with information on missing communities is invited to contact us with information on reporting violence and discrimination against lesbians in their community.

Liz, Ari and Devorah @ Listening2Lesbians


Hungary: right wing extremists storm lesbian film event on homophobic bullying


The incident took place on the 26th of September … The Auróra Community Center was to screen a film by lesbian organisation Labrisz about homophobic bullying. But suddenly more than ten members of György Budaházy’s far-right movement “Hunnia”  disrupted the event.

They “stormed into the screening room”, the activists of the Budapest Pride said in a press release. The right-wing extremists had banners that included “Stop LGBT propaganda” and “Zero tolerance” – a nod to Coca-Cola’s promotion of same-sex couples.

The police were delayed, so as not to do anything about the neo-Nazis
The summoned police was at the scene after 20 minutes, but did not intervene. “They did nothing to stop the neo-Nazis, and just stood by and watched,” Viktória Radvány of the Budapest Pride is still stunned.

Radvány remembers that the officials did nothing while the right-wing extremists insulted the visitors to the filming event. However, they stepped in immediately as one of the visitors poured his yoghurt onto one of the right-wing radicals’ banners.

“The police choose who they help and who they do not”
For the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights NGO, this behavior is a reason to file an official complaint about the Budapest police. “The police arbitrarily choose who they help and who they do not,” said human rights activists.

Der Vorfall ereignete sich am 26. September… Im Auróra Community-Zentrum sollte ein Film der Lesben-Organisation Labrisz über homophobes Mobbing gezeigt werden. Doch plötzlich störten mehr als zehn Mitglieder der rechtsextremen Bewegung „ Hunnia“ von György Budaházy die Veranstaltung.

Sie „stürmten gewaltsam in den Vorführraum“, so die Aktivisten der Budapest Pride in einer Aussendung. Dabei hatten die Rechtsextremen Banner, auf denen unter anderem „Stop LGBT-Propaganda“ und „Zero Toleranz“ stand – eine Anspielung auf eine Werbeaktion von Coca-Cola mit gleichgeschlechtlichen Paaren.

Die Polizei kam mit Verspätung, um nichts gegen die Neo-Nazis zu tun
Die herbeigerufene Polizei war nach 20 Minuten am Ort des Geschehens, griff aber nicht ein. „Sie haben nichts getan, um die Neo-Nazis zu stoppen, und standen einfach ruhig daneben und haben zugesehen“, ist Viktória Radvány von der Budapest Pride noch immer fassungslos.

Radvány erinnert sich, dass die Beamten nichts unternahmen, während die Rechtsradikalen die Besucher der Filmveranstaltung beleidigten. Allerdings schritten sie sofort ein, als einer der Besucher sein Joghurt auf eines der Banner der Rechtsradikalen schüttete.

„Die Polizei wählt aus, wem sie hilft und wem nicht“
Für das ungarische Helsinki-Komitee, eine Menschenrechts-NGO, ist dieses Verhalten ein Grund, eine offizielle Beschwerde über die Budapester Polizei einzureichen. „Die Polizei wählt willkürlich aus, wem sie hilft und wem nicht“, so die Menschenrechts-Aktivisten.

Continue reading at: https://www.ggg.at/2019/10/01/rechtsextreme-stuermen-lgbt-event-in-budapest-und-die-polizei-schaut-zu/ (Source)