Please share your story of  experiencing abuse or silencing as a lesbian, within the LGBTI and broader communities.

There is no story too big or too small to be shared, from micro aggressions to violence.

If we want to understand what happens to us, we need to hear it all.

Personal information will be managed in line with my guidelines here.

To share your story, please fill in and submit this form.

If you would like to contact me without sharing a story or you have questions about how I manage personal information, please complete the fields below or email us at or

If you are contacting us regarding Facebook sanctioning or banning you for your use of the word dyke, please send your screen cap and facebook username to Your information will be provided to our facebook contact to enable them to investigate your experience. Your user name can be found under your general account settings and is also in the URL of your wall (

Thank you for visiting Listening to Lesbians.

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  5. Thank you so much for this!


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