Although Listening to Lesbians is not covered by the Australian Privacy Principles, personal information will be managed broadly in line with this legislation.

The information gathered will be for the purpose of understand and raising the profile of the lesbophobia and misogyny lesbians experience, within the LGBTI and broader communities.

Personal information will not be made public or posted to the blog, except with express permission. Where permission has been granted, depersonalised stories will be shared publicly.

If you wish the information you have shared to be removed, please contact me and this will be done as soon as practically possible.

Personal information, including demongraphic and contact information, will not be disclosed to other entities, except where it is a legal requirement.

Information that is not relevant to the purposes of the blog will not be retained and all information will be kept as securely as is reasonably possible.

More information on the Australian Privacy Principles can be found here.

If you have any questions on Listening to Lesbians’ treatment of personal information, please contact me.

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