Brazil: murders of lesbians increased by 237% in 3 years


Between 2014 and 2017 the murders of lesbian women increased by 237%.  The study ” Murdered by lesbophobia – The stories that no one has” made by “We – Feminists Dissidences” collective, shows both how crimes have increased and also that in most cases the murdered women were young and black.
In Brazil, lesbian women face many dangers, it goes beyond lesbophobia, it is also machismo, misogyny and racism. “Lesbians are sexually and affectively exclusively with women, but the main lesbian killers in Brazil are men,” says Cinthia Abreu, member of the World March of Women and March of Black Women of São Paulo.

Entre 2014 y 2017 el asesinatos de mujeres lesbianas aumentó un 237%. El estudio “Asesinadas por lesbofobia – Las historias que nadie cuenta”, hecho por el colectivo “Nosotras – Disidencias Feministas”, además de mostrar cómo han aumentado los crímenes demuestra que en la mayoría de los casos las mujeres asesinadas eran jóvenes y negras.
En Brasil las mujeres lesbianas se encuentran ante muchos peligros, va más allá de la lesbofobia, también es el machismo, la misoginia y el racismo. “Las lesbianas se relacionan sexual y afectivamente exclusivamente con mujeres, pero los principales asesinos de lesbianas en Brasil son hombres”, afirma Cinthia Abreu, integrante de la Marcha Mundial de Mujeres y Marcha de Mujeres Negras de São Paulo.

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7 responses to “Brazil: murders of lesbians increased by 237% in 3 years

  1. Yikes! I wonder why the increase? Rise in misogyny such as attacks on reproductive rights? Continued anti-feminist backlash? Transactivist misogyny promotion? The Trump effect?

    Thank you for reporting this.


    • The Trump effect? I hope you realize how US centrist is this comment. I hope you don’t actually believe the US has that much influence on the rest of the world. Every country has its own history not necessarily tied to the US. Please take the time to read and educate yourself beyond what US media is feeding you. Based on Brasil’s history these murders are more likely due to machismo and intolerance to lesbian relationships. The world overall is becoming more intolerant because of over population. Ppl are social animals but we are also predators and in a chauvinistic society I can see where a false sense of safety could lead to an increase in murder. The article blames mysogini, racism and machismo all long standing staples of countries in SA and long before Trump was elected. Women in SA have a long standing history of being victims of rape or domestic violence.


  2. Can you translate the rest?


    • There are legal issues about translating and sharing someone’s work without permission, and the permission seeking process is slow and painful. This is why we prefer to translate a snapshot and link to the original, to make it clear we’re diverting traffic TO the original website not away from it and to hopefully prevent any future legal issues down the track. Translating all the pages would mean managing all of the permission processes for all of the stories and I don’t have the capacity to do that given the time it would take.

      I use a big standard translation tool, mostly google ( but also others if I’m in doubt about what comes out.

      In a browser you can also often set it to translate pages automatically which is what I do because I don’t speak most of the languages I am sharing news in.

      If you don’t have any luck with the translation tools feel free to PM me.


  3. Do you have the rest of this translated?


    • For copyright reasons we cannot readily share translations of entire articles. We use google translate and find it is fairly effective in many languages. I wish we could do more but we don’t speak the full 11 languages we check the news in either.


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