Lesbians in the News 18/04/2015

Lesbians in the news

12/04/2015 – 18/04/2015

Violent Crimes against Lesbians:

Mary Kristene Chapa

Mary Kristene Chapa

Laws, Politics and Policies:


Social and Health Issues:

Remembering our sisters:


***If I have missed an important news story, please either post a link in the comments section here or email it to me at liz@listening2lesbians.com.

3 responses to “Lesbians in the News 18/04/2015

  1. Mary Sunshine

    Thank you for creating this Lesbian compendium for us. I very much appreciate it. 💜~💜~💜


  2. I don’t agree with “automatically” listing *anyone* as a child’s parent on a birth certificate. The birth certificate should state biological fact, because people use these documents to trace their biological ancestry.

    If we have to add additional sections to a birth certificate that state the *social* parents as well, then fine, or if we could come up with a different type of document with equal authority to a birth certificate that would list the social parents, that’s fine too. (Kind of like issuing an adoption certificate for an adoption, which we do not currently do here in the USA but I think we should do.)

    But it’s plain and simple cold, hard fact that two women cannot create a baby between them. One of the women in a lesbian couple is NOT the child’s biological parent. And that should be reflected in the documentation. I feel the same way about the donor-conceived and about stepparent marriages extant when a child is born.

    You don’t have to be a conservative to believe this, either, nor homophobic. I’m neither.


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