Lesbian. by Lisa Luxx

“A poem about the public lesbian experience and how the word ‘lesbian’ has become so hostile it is even taboo among our own communities, and outside our community it is mostly used as a slur or a porn category. Dedicated to the victims of increased hate crimes this pride. Filmed and directed by Tamara al-Mashouk.”

Words by Lisa Luxx.

3 responses to “Lesbian. by Lisa Luxx

  1. Thank you. It was difficult when I came out in 1983, but it’s a whole different kind of difficult today. How do young feminist.lesbians socialise and find partners when surrounded by GTQ? And pressured to accept men, or be labeled and ostracized by the T-acronym?
    I’m.so.glad to see this honest,.smart, wise and talented port and young lesbian who has a firm grasp on reality passionately claiming our word, our name, and standing up for all lesbians. Hopefully she will help.awaken more.lesbians to have a fierce sense.of pride based on an understanding of our immense lesbian wisdom and power. When.women love.each other, and ourselves, we transform ourselves and everything in the world for the better.


  2. Beth Walker

    You go, Woman and Sister! I came out in 1980. I refuse to be erased or subsumed. Lesbian exists and always will.


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