India’s first openly lesbian athlete faces family backlash


Dutee Chand, India’s first openly gay athlete, is facing a barrage of criticism from her family after announcing she was in a same-sex relationship.
Her mother and father, Akhuji and Chakradhar Chand, have not accepted their daughter’s wish to “settle down” with her partner.
Mr Chand has called their relationship “immoral and unethical”, telling the Times of India: “She has destroyed the reputation of our village.”
In interviews with Indian media, however, Ms Chand does not seem fazed.
“Freedom of choice and freedom to love are my inalienable rights and I shall exercise it,” she told the Times of India.

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4 responses to “India’s first openly lesbian athlete faces family backlash

  1. It takes such great courage to be a lesbian. She is a credit to her family and her village, if only they were unblinkered enough to see it.
    I wish her every happiness and love. May she and her partner find peace and acceptance in this world.


  2. True.
    I’m from India but I support her.
    We are free to make our choices ❤


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