Protests held across Brazil after lesbian Rio councillor shot dead

marielle francoProtests were held across Brazil after a popular Rio city councillor and her driver were shot dead by two men in what appears to have been a targeted assassination. Marielle Franco, 38, was a groundbreaking politician who had become a voice for disadvantaged people in the teeming favelas that are home to almost one-quarter of Rio de Janeiro’s population, where grinding poverty, police brutality and shootouts with drug gangs are routine.

Richard Nunes, Rio’s head of public security, said there would be a “full investigation” into the deaths, which came despite the military taking charge of policing in the city last month after a surge in violence.

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3 responses to “Protests held across Brazil after lesbian Rio councillor shot dead

  1. Another lesbian to add to our list of murdered lesbians. Mareille Franco critizised the killings and violence of the military police who kept raiding and killing people in the favelas. She was a fierce women’s rights activist and LGBTI equality campaigner. Whoever killed her and her chauffeur will not stop the worldwide wave of angry women speaking out against misogyny and patriarchal violence. Adeius Marielle, your women friends in Rio and all over Brazil will walk in your footsteps and continue your work. Obrigada!


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