In Memoriam: Lesbian Murder Victims (July 2017 Update)


“Lesbians are very often undercounted as murder victims–both within the so-called LGBT community and by those who monitor violence against women. This is a beginning effort to honor the names of the lesbians that have been lost.”

This month we honor the following sisters:

Ariel Lowe, Nassau, Bahamas (March 2015)

Vanesa Gamboa Gutiérrez, Santiago, Chile (May 2016)

Lidiana Santana and Thayane Milla Mendes, Portugal (Probably in February 2016. Their bodies were not discovered until August 2016.)

Continue reading at: In Memoriam: Lesbian Murder Victims: May 2017 (Source)

3 responses to “In Memoriam: Lesbian Murder Victims (July 2017 Update)

  1. Monica Tschanz

    Thank you very much for this initiative, it’s very important to not forget them!
    Please also add the two murder victims Elke W. and Beate N., the lesbian couple was killed on Dec 9th 2016 by their neighbour Waldemar N., in Gersthofen-Hirblingen, Germany. Please contact me if you need more informations.

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    • listeninglisa

      Monica, thank you for the information. We have forwarded it on to the blogger that is putting together the “In Memoriam”.


  2. I’ve posted this at, with a short excerpt from a Turkish newspaper–the only reference I was able to find to these murders.


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