U.S: Lesbian married parents aren’t treated the same, legally, as straight couples


Half of married gay women in Minnesota are forced to adopt their own children under Minnesota law.
That inequity — man-woman married couples don’t have this hurdle — is a paradox, since same-sex married couples are supposed to have the same rights in the state. In 2013, same-sex marriage became legal.
The legal inequity is the result of other laws — with gender-specific language — that were never changed when same-sex marriage was legalized. Outside of gay-rights advocates and the affected parents themselves, the situation appears to have received little public attention, until now.

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3 responses to “U.S: Lesbian married parents aren’t treated the same, legally, as straight couples

  1. I don’t view this as a benefit withheld from lesbians as much as an inappropriate benefit allotted to men. It is a benefit which feminists should be fighting to remove, not fighting to share with yet another person.

    Only the birth mother, in all cases, should have any legal parental rights.

    The ovum is so, so, so tremendously larger than the sperm, in all forms of measurement (mass, circumference, length, width, weight, visibility, every way), that male contribution to conception is negligible. The tail, mid-section and “neck” of the sperm are simply for transport and all are discarded. The bulk of the head is an acid which thins and weakens the surface of the ovum, enabling the nucleus to pierce the inner wall. The ovum itself doesn’t even require all of the genetic material in the nucleus – especially an XX nucleus – and the ovum rapidly sorts and analyzes the genetic material, discarding much of what the sperm nucleus attempts to contribute.

    Then the birth mother’s body builds the eventual fetus, cell by cell by cell. All the energy, nutrients and raw material is provided by the birth mother’s body. For 40-odd weeks, her body is deconstructed in order to create a child. At birth, that child is 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% her bodily material, her blood, her bone density, her muscle mass, her energy. Hers. No one else should ever be allowed parental rights.


  2. Why exactly is this?


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