Canada: Lesbian couple driven out of workplace for being ‘too gay’

A lesbian couple says they were driven out of their jobs as paramedics and firefighters in a small Alberta town for being “too gay.”
Sheri and Alyssa Monk say they were discriminated against and expected to follow different rules than their heterosexual colleagues, saying they were told not to talk about their personal lives at work and that the word “wife” was off limits.

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3 responses to “Canada: Lesbian couple driven out of workplace for being ‘too gay’

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  2. I’m just seeing this now.
    Canada sure as hell seems like a dreadful place for women loving women (who don’t do dick).
    It’s terrible for us all in the midst of this massive backlash, but I want to send out a big hug to you both, and to all our sisters out there, struggling to make a living as independent women not controlled or constrained by men…..
    I’m sending love in sisterhood.
    Remember that our rights to work and own property and live free from fathers or husbands were hard won by our grandmothers and mothers, and we can and will defend them, right?!
    Courage calls to courage xx

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