Chicago Dyke March tells lesbians to stay away if they don’t like dick


The homophobic “queer” community doesn’t think that lesbians belong at a Dyke March.

Continue reading at: Sage | Lesbian, feminist, gender abolitionist. (Source)

4 responses to “Chicago Dyke March tells lesbians to stay away if they don’t like dick

  1. Bisexuals are doing their best to erase lesbian presence in their own community,its sad.

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  2. what a bunch of sell-out Women. and nasty, appropriating men.

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  3. Nope, sorry. Not all dykes like dick. Stop assuming. Like the saying goes….assuming makes an ass out of u and me!

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  4. If we understand dyke to refer to female only same sex attracted women, AKA lesbians, how can ANY “dykes like dick”?

    If we understand what dyke means, we can safely assume NO dyke “likes dick”.

    If the word dyke is appropriated by non lesbians we lose yet another word to describe ourselves.

    How can we say lesbians are accepted when we keep losing every word for the concept of women who don’t like men?

    Is it so very hard to imagine a group of women who are women centred and atttacted only to women?

    We allow gay men to be envisioned that way. We allow straight male sexuality to be clearly envisioned too.

    Why not lesbians/dykes?

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