Lesbian spaces are still needed, no matter what the queer movement says

As lesbian bars continue to close and lesbian-only spaces continue to be attacked, Susan Cox highlights the disproportionate damage queer politics has done to lesbians and our spaces.

“To pretend the decline of lesbian spaces is merely a sign of progress is totally inconsistent with reality. Rosenthal implies we have reached a kind of utopia, with regard to female sexuality, stating, “It wasn’t too long ago that identifying as lesbian carried a huge stigma.” But she also notes that in Portland State University’s recent “survey of students and their identities, more students identified as ‘pansexual’ than lesbian” and quotes a young woman (who dates women, albeit some who identify as “non-binary”) saying, “‘I have never felt comfortable with the term lesbian.’”

Hmm. That sounds like… what’s the word… oh, yeah: stigma.

This “progress” explanation not only falls flat because stigma around lesbianism remains, but because it fails to account for the fact that spaces for gay males have remained largely intact. In my hometown of Philadelphia, for example, a peek at any “gayborhood” calendar offers a plethora of events catering to gay men, including: gay bingo, gaybill (musical theater night), gay burlesque roulette, free country line dancing, gay antiques shows, and a best gay mac and cheese contest.”

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3 responses to “Lesbian spaces are still needed, no matter what the queer movement says

  1. Could it be that the gay men’s community doesn’t give a care what the trans community thinks?


    • listeninglisa

      Yes, but as the articles says, you have to ask why the gay men’s community doesn’t care. They don’t care because the trans activists aren’t targeting their spaces. They aren’t being threatened with rape, murder, burning, beating, any kind of violence. Gay men are male. Males won’t go after other males like they will go after females. It is misogyny in its basic form. MTT want in on female spaces and they want to own and control female bodies and minds. MTT also use females as a validation tool. Mainly lesbians. They tell lesbians we must accept them as lesbians and have sex with them, or we are bigots and we are murdering them. Of course, neither are true. Lesbians are the prize. If a lesbian accepts them as female, they must be female. Lesbians must accept the male reproductive organ as a female reproductive organ. MTT will, by and large, not have sex with other MTT. Why? Because they have penises. The double-standard. They can reject someone for their male sex reproduction organs, but females can’t. We can’t win. Gay men never have to worry about this.


  2. Same problem in Australia. Same loss of lesbian space. Gay men not affected by trans community as are lesbians. As Sheila Jeffries says, all space is male space.

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