Brutal attack on five lesbians in Portsmouth, UK


FIVE lesbians were brutally attacked by more than 15 men in a homophobic attack. Thugs punched one woman so hard she lost seven front teeth in a single blow, another was left bleeding and fitting and a third feared she would be killed in the onslaught. One of the victim’s sisters, 27, who witnessed the attack, said: ‘The men had got off the girls but they were still hitting the older woman, I’d say at least 20 or 30 times.



2 responses to “Brutal attack on five lesbians in Portsmouth, UK

  1. And the police! “A Hampshire police spokeswoman said: ‘We are investigating an altercation between two groups at about 11.25pm on April 16.’”
    This certainly does not sound like “an altercation between two groups.” It SOUNDS like a bunch of homophobic MRAs attacking a group of lesbians.

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  2. They should lock the sick bastards up for 10 years in fact just throw away the key.


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