U.S: Lesbian couple kicked out of church where they met


For three years, Mary Catherine Trollinger attended Gracewood Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi. She served as its college director for a while and even met Olivia Jennings, the woman who would become her wife, a year ago at the church.

When Gracewood’s pastor Barry Baker found out about their relationship a few months ago, he told the couple to leave the church and not come back. Now, months later, Pastor Baker has sent a nasty letter to Trollinger continuing to slam her “unbiblical” lesbian relationship, and Trollinger isn’t having it.

Continue reading: https://www.queerty.com/church-sends-nasty-letter-gay-couple-unanimously-voting-kick-20190819 (source)

2 responses to “U.S: Lesbian couple kicked out of church where they met

  1. hmmm. it might be interesting if women in this position met with parishioners one on one and spoke with them. people in church are friends and instead of letting dickwads dictate our lives, perhaps they can make a difference for them selves and their community. Truthfully very few women think about alternatives in the moment; We should all consider alternatives then just excepting what’s expected.

    Obviously it’s too late for this church, too much time is gone by; But I think women generally accept Bullshit like this without knowing they have the power to do something about it.


  2. fashionista

    most christians are making it hard for others and bein so embarrassing to being one jeez


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