Come Out! Dyke Pride, Separatism, and My Story

roots rocks and revolution

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5 responses to “Come Out! Dyke Pride, Separatism, and My Story

  1. Your Dyke Pride video is awesome. As a 60 year-old dyke who came out in the late 1970s, I’m both happy to see a young woman identifying as a lesbian and Dyke and wanting to create new women space but I’m also saddened that so little has changed in that you share that lesbians can often find themselves lonely and isolated. I have spent much of my life feeling this way too. Apparently I’ve learned from your story that life isn’t all that easy nowadays for young women who identify as lesbians. I’m just glad that you do (identify as a lesbian/dyke) because so often the label lesbian seems to be disappearing and women either prefer to identify as queer or transgender FTM. So thank you for putting yourself out there and good luck with your desire to create women’s space!

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    • listeninglisa

      Thank you so much for your comment, Rainbow Puzzles Etc! While we at Listening 2 Lesbians also think this video is awesome, we can’t take the credit for that! The awesomeness that is this articulate, proud and outspoken dyke is the vlogger, Woman Walking Away. We don’t know her actual name, but her story and words were too important to pass up! Please visit her at to see more of her great stuff and to pass on the love!

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    • Hi, sister! I’m so glad I found this comment. And thank you to listening2lesbians for posting it. I hope it eases your heart to know that there is a huge contingent of young proud radical dykes! Thank goodness for the internet for connecting us, because otherwise I might have lost hope. And we are gaining more every day as the queer movement continues to implode. That is why I created this video – to connect with other isolated dykes. But I am so thrilled, my heart swells, to know it also reassures older lesbians that their young sisters are fighting too!

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      • listeninglisa

        I’ve been so amazed and impressed with the volume and quality of blogs and vlogs created by our young lesbian sisters. Please keep producing, because we are listening and your voices always matter!


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