Listening2Lesbians mourns loss of Lisa Mallett


We are devastated at listening2lesbians to announce the death of Lisa Mallett, passionate advocate for lesbians around the world and co-runner of L2L. Lisa was the beloved partner of Liz Waterhouse, Listening2Lesbians founder and co-runner with Ari Miller.

Lisa worked to improve lesbian visibility and had long term plans to increasingly serve the worldwide community of lesbians.

Lisa’s death is a terrible personal blow and a loss to the community she will no longer be able to support as she so passionately intended.

We will continue Lisa’s legacy through our work and hope you continue to support us through this.

8 responses to “Listening2Lesbians mourns loss of Lisa Mallett

  1. It’s terrible to read about the loss of Lisa and I want to express my deepest sympathies. She has done a lot for the cause of lesbians worldwide and you truly honour her by continuing the amazing work.

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  2. Gerdien Baker

    My heart breaks reading this. I have no words. Sending hugs and love.

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  3. Wonderful Sister..kind, gentle, supportive, activist, wish I coulda met her in the flesh. You two were something very special. I hated hearing how much she was struggling with her health and how ineffectual the drs were, she never gave up hope…was hoping she could beat it. We need REAL CURES. Cures that do not kill or worsen, but better one’s condition fully. Theres gotta be something better than chemo or nuking ones body.

    I wish you Liz well, in your time of loss. Thanks despite the obstacles you two fighting so hard For Us Lesbians..Blessed be. I am glad she had you.
    – In Sisterhood,
    – FeistyAmazon

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  4. Just heartbreaking. An inconsolable loss to us all.

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  5. Devastating. Lisa is someone about whom it seems wrong to speak in the past tense. We never met, but L2L has been a comfort and so encouraging. Much love and solidarity to Liz and Ari and all who cared for her and who became stronger for her loving fierce life.

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  6. Thank you sisters. Your support means so much. x


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