Namibia: First Lesbian Festival Held in Windhoek

More than sixty young lesbians from eight regions came together for a week of sharing both the pain and the joy of their lives, making new friends, building community, gaining feminist understanding of their oppression as lesbian and as women living in a patriarchal society that denies women autonomy, choice and freedom, developing their voice through learning new skills in creative expression, and creating visibility through outstanding public performances with their poetry, stories, music, drama and dance.

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PDF: Namibia_ First Lesbian Festival Held in Windhoek – allAfrica

3 responses to “Namibia: First Lesbian Festival Held in Windhoek

  1. Link does not work, could it have been taken down?


    • Not sure what’s up with the link, I have already checked and it’s correct but is not working for some reason. I’ll re-edit and see if that helps.

      I added the PDF the other day in case it continued to happen.

      Thanks for noticing and following up with us, much appreciated. 🙂


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