Lesbian a banned word in Facebook usernames?

We’re trying to get listening2lesbians back up and running, particularly for current news items. 

Apparently the word lesbian isn’t “allowed on Facebook”.

The silencing of lesbians lurks beneath the surface everywhere… 

5 responses to “Lesbian a banned word in Facebook usernames?

  1. .This is such bs. Maybe if you added a rape video; it would be accepted


  2. There is NOTHING in the word “lesbian” that violates their so-called “Community Standards.” FIGHT!


  3. Whaaaaat?!
    I do not believe it!


  4. listeninglisa

    This is only happening with the optional username. It also really didn’t allow @listening or @listen or @lesbian or the whole thing. I think this is completely ridiculous, but I wanted to make sure people understood that we are still allowed to put “lesbian” in our page name, as you can see when you like us on FB. *shameless plug*

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