Why listening2lesbians?

After experiencing abuse while calling out sexism in the online LGBTI community, I wrote a short piece asking the community to reflect on its misogyny.

Hearing women’s responses to the article, I started to wonder about the extent of lesbian abuse and silencing, both in the LGBTI and the broader communities.

What I discovered is that we don’t know the extent of the problem, except anecdotally. Acts of violence, up to and including murder, go practically unnoted, with little or no community outrage.  Abuse and silencing are not uncommon but are practically invisible, in the absence of a way to share what happens to us except on a one-to-one basis.

Without recording our collective experiences, and only hearing them as individualised stories, we cannot readily see or demonstrate patterns.

How, then, can we name, analyse or address a problem we can’t even quantify?

I care about stopping the abuse of women, particularly lesbians.

Listening2lesbians was born to allow women to submit their experiences of being abused or silenced as lesbians, of being subjected to misogyny and lesbophobia within and outside the community.

Please share your stories so we can be heard.

If you have any questions about listening2lesbians, please contact me.

7 responses to “Why listening2lesbians?

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  4. Wonderful idea. No one I know every agreed to be added with our oppressors in the “LGBTQWTF” list. It is not our community. Gay men wanted nothing to do with us as a group and were quite public about their hatred of Lesbians until they got the lethal STD of AIDS. Then, in “gay and Lesbian” newspapers they printed ads literally demanding our Lesbian blood since we have the cleanest blood. At the same time, they kicked dying Lesbians out of the Shanti Project that was supposed to be for dying Lesbians and gay men.

    Het men claiming to be Lesbians have been perving on us for a long time, but it’s relatively recently that they began demanding sexual access to us while accusing us of oppressing them, and recent that so many women began supporting them in their threats and destruction of our last spaces.

    So now, “LGBTQWTF” organizations make millions and the token Lesbian on the boards is likely to be a man posing as a Lesbian. That way no gay men have to deal with being around real Lesbians.

    The history explains so much. They all hate us, but continue wanting to use us.


  5. I am very excited about this Lesbian centered project at last! We have been so under siege the last 20 years by supposedly OUR OWN communities and “allies” much less the straight world.

    But things have gotten worse and worse for Dykes particularly in.the last 5 years or so where we can no longer gather solely withnour OWN without bio male interference or shaming even by our own “Sisters”!!!


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